Underrated Apps For Android & iOS: You Should Know About Them

There are several apps readily available in the Google Play Store as well as in the App Store. Many of them are well-known, while others are underappreciated. However, they have secret and hidden qualities to offer. Many apps are added to the Play Store and App Store on a daily basis. Few of them succeed to make their way into people’s daily lives.

So, that’s why we are here with a list of Underrated apps available for Android & iOS about which you should know

List Of Underrated Apps

List of Underrated apps

There are so many underrated apps available in the market. And some of them that are good ones are shown below in our list of underrated apps:


The cost of gasoline varies enormously. If you’re concerned with obtaining the best price down to a fraction of a cent, you’ll want to pull over to the side of the road and check GasBuddy before pulling into the nearest gas station.

The app includes price hike alerts so you can fill up before the price increases, current deals from nearby convenience stores, and utilizes your phone’s motion detection to identify acts that may be bad to your fuel efficiency. The app displays pricing information submitted by users for the United States, Canada, and Australia.


Despite the vast amount of picture filter applications available, it takes something exceptional for one to genuinely stand out. On the other hand, Prisma, provides something unique.

Prisma’s filters and features for editing are intended to transform any ordinary photograph into a piece of art. That may appear gimmicky, but the impact is stunning. Prisma obviously works better on photos that are a little more detailed than a selfie, but it’s a generally well-made service for underrated apps like this.

Prisma is one of those very fun underrated apps to use for smartphone photographers trying to make their work more creative.


NewPipe is a free and open-source Android media player software well known as an unofficial YouTube client. Google framework libraries are not used by NewPipe. As a result, this software may be used on devices that do not have Google Services installed. It may be used in place of the official YouTube app.

In NewPipe, you may search for any video. There is no need to log in to see any video. Display generic video information Popup mode is available in NewPipe (floating player). Downloading movies and audios is simple.


We know that learning a foreign language is not such an easy task, but Duolingo makes the process more enjoyable and productive by providing relatively short, game-like sessions. The award-winning software allows you to practise speaking, reading, listening, and writing abilities in a pleasant environment.

You improve your talents by answering questions and taking classes. The programme or app begins with fundamental verbs, phrases, and sentences and progresses you through new vocabulary terms every day.

Wolfram Alpha

Virtual assistants are fantastic, but they are not without flaws. Siri, for example, fails to respond promptly to inquiries about complex statistics.

That is not an issue for Wolfram Alpha. It can access a large database to answer queries in mathematics (both simple and difficult ones), astronomy, Earth science, and computational sciences, among many other things. It can also answer simple questions like pop culture trivia, but it truly excels when you ask it a subject that requires the app to generate a graph or chart.

Wolfram Alpha has been described as a “Star Trek computer come to life,” and we couldn’t have put it better.

Phone call free

Phone call free App is a free software for Android that belongs to the Social-communication category and was created by Hotspot VPN Proxy Security. This programme is offered in English. You can call anyone in the world for free if you have WiFi.

It’s a must-have app for any case where you need to make a crucial phone call even when services are unavailable. The software provides users with secret and hidden features.

As a result of its excellent features, the Phone Call Free app is included in the list of underrated apps available for Android and iOS.

Star Chart 

It’s 2 a.m., and you’ve woken up. Why not take a walk outside and look up? There are tiny small lights that humans have been looking at since the beginning of time, depending on where you are, and Star Chart can help you comprehend what you are seeing. Star Chart determines the current location of every star and planet visible from Earth and displays you where they are, even during the day, using your smartphone’s GPS and an exact 3D universe.

Point your phone at that dazzling item to find out what it is. By pointing your phone down near the ground, you may see your immediate surroundings or the opposite side of the earth. You may learn about your star sign or travel outer space by using voice commands. The app shows all 88 constellations as well as 120,000 stars. A premium edition contains Charles Messier’s inventory of unusual deep sky objects, as well as satellite locations and meteor showers.


There are some few underrated apps that do what SleepBot does, but there are no free ones that do it nearly as effectively.

SleepBot is a sleep tracking application. That certainly doesn’t seem all that fascinating until you start asking questions about how well you’re sleeping. This app can help you answer some of those concerns by allowing you to set a progressive alarm to wake up more naturally, measure how often you toss and turn at night, listen to certain ambient noises, and much more.

To be honest, it’s difficult to stop using SleepBot once you understand how much it improves your sleep.


Every Android device has an unlock password or pin. However, when you receive a call, you just pick it up, which allows people to answer your calls without your consent, allowing you to lock your calls. Couchgram is the app you’re looking for.

Couchgram allows you to safeguard both your phone and your privacy. You may lock and password guard a variety of features, including your calls and messages, as well as your images and phone settings.

You can disable certain functionalities while leaving others accessible.

Hide calls and texts from a certain individual while allowing all others to pass through unhindered.


Surely, the basic image editing programme on your iPhone or Android smartphone is enough for making simple modifications to your photos, but if you want something a little more thorough and user-friendly, Snapseed is the way to go. 

The software includes 29 tools and effects for improving any image, including healing, brush, structure, HDR, perspective, and more. It opens JPEG and raw files, stores custom looks for later usage on other photographs, and has a selective filter brush. 

All styles may be fine-tuned using precision controls. You can get multiple exposures to combine two photographs, face upgrades to add eye focus, better lighting and skin smoothing, and improved portrait posing.


The arrival of MoviePass makes going to the movies simpler than ever, but MoviePass can’t tell you when the optimal moment is to slip away for a restroom break during a movie.

We’re lucky to have RunPee. Yes, this app does use user-submitted data to tell you when the optimal time to take a restroom break is during popular movies playing in cinemas. The arithmetic might be a little incorrect at times, and for such a strange app, we have to say that it works rather well.

You rarely know when you’re going to need this app, but when you do, you’ll be pleased you have it.

Go Cut

Today’s youth are always creative and active in preserving every moment of their lives through photography or video recording skills. However, simply being creative is insufficient. Professional apps will be required to improve their job and boost their abilities to work.

The app offers secret and hidden things to offer, such as a flexible and dynamic interface ideal for the joy of youth, brilliant colours, and attractive designs. The structure of the app is user-friendly, and users can simply access all of the app’s functions using simple movements. Users may further modify the interface by changing the colours, creating, and tailoring it to their preferences.

The major components include all Neon-style, glitch, and other retro-elements that users may utilise in images or videos.

This app’s editing tool supports any photo or video formats, saving you time converting between them.

The photo editing process is straightforward and user-friendly, and it includes basic editing capabilities for beginners.

It also has a music collection containing all of the most popular songs from across the world, in a variety of styles and genres.

It has multi-layer editing, efficiency, and convenience, allowing users to work and edit more efficiently.

And these are all good ones. That’s why we include all them in our list of underrated apps for Android & iOS about which you should know.

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