U.S. wants airlines to boost help for stranded

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has asked the top 10 airlines in the United States to do more to assist stranded

and delayed customers, calling the degree of disruption experienced this summer "unacceptable."

Buttigieg has argued with major US airlines about who is to blame for tens of thousands of aircraft delays and cancellations this summer,

despite pressure from US politicians who want airlines to improve service or face harsh fines.

Buttigieg stated in letters sent to the CEOs of major, regional, and low-cost airlines on Friday that his ministry (USDOT) 

was "considering possibilities" to draft new laws that "would increase the rights of airline customers."

He urged airlines to offer sufficient services for customers who face delays and cancellations, and urged them to provide food coupons for delays of three hours or longer, 

as well as overnight accommodations for those who must wait due to interruptions beyond the carrier's control.

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