The bZ3, Toyota's answer to Tesla Model 3

Toyota's second fully electric bZ model isn't available in America. United States quite yet, 

however, images released from China's Ministry of Industry Chinese Ministry of Industry have given us 

an picture of what to expect from the Japanese automaker's answer to Tesla Model 3 will look like.

The image in the above image appears to be what you see above is the Toyota bZ SDN concept that 

first came out in the last quarter of in the year. Although we didn't even know about that at the time, 

it was essentially an idea of the Toyota bZ3 car that was revealed this week, courtesy of CarNewsChina. 

In China the bZ3 is expected to be developed by BYD who will provide the electric motors and batteries on top of Toyota's eTNGA floorplan.

Similar to the way the bZ4X crossover is built in the country, through collaboration with GAC.

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