Tesla Owners Are Switching To Ford's Electric Pickup

The Ford F-series has been the most popular pick-up vehicle across North America for more than four decades. 

As the world is slowly moving to green energy sources, Ford decided to take advantage of America's favorable favor. 

Its Ford F-150 Lightning was released in the month of May 2022. It was akin to the classic Ford 

F-150 -- except that it's an electric vehicle and the front end is a tiny more distinctive. After a test drive with the 

Ford F-150 Lightning We found that it is faster than any Ford pickup ever made. We also enjoyed its 

range aerodynamics, storage space, towing rating, and other advanced features. The demands for the Ford F-150 Lightning started on the right foot. 

In reality, Ford initially closed the reservations for pre-reservation after being overwhelmed by the demand. 

You can however purchase 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning that will become available later in the autumn. 

To keep investors informed, Ford has released its figures for sales in August. Its electric pickup is expanding at a phenomenal rate.

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