Qantas Asks Executives To Be Baggage Handlers Due To Labor Shortage

The airline's chief operational officer is looking for at least 100 volunteers to help load, unload, and drive baggage carts between stations.

According to a document sent to management, volunteers should be able to perform

four or six-hour hours, three or five days a week, and carry bags weighing up to 71 pounds.

Following a similar need for assistance from Qantas over the Easter vacation season,

around 200 head office employees offered to temporarily fill the strained ground personnel.

Andrew David, Qantas' local and international CEO, wrote last month in an opinion piece titled "Explaining what's happening with air travel now"

that the company had recently recruited more than 1,000 people, "listing more people on standby,

integrating flights on larger aircraft, with an increase in the number of customer support

team members at our airports," as well as doubling the number of call center staff.

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