Pac-Man is Getting a Live-Action Movie Adaptation

With Sonic the Hedgehog's high-grossing movies at the box office and a new Super Mario Bros movie

coming to theaters this winter, another character in the classic video game wants to have fun. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it has been announced that a new live film based on Pac-Man is now under development. 

The project is a collaboration between Bandai Namco Entertainment and Wayfarer Studios.

It will be produced by Justin Baldoni, Manu Garge, and Andrew Kalof Wayfarer Studios along with Chuck Williams and Tim Kwok for Lightbeam Entertainment.

It is indicated that the film will be a live work, but nothing about the plot has been revealed. 

The story is said to be based on an original presentation by Williams. 

Although described as live action, it can still be a hybrid of live action/animation with CGI Pac-Man fleeing from real-world ghosts.

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