American Airlines agrees to buy 20 supersonic aircraft from Boom

Boom Supersonic has contracted to acquire 20 hypersonic aircraft from American Airlines, the two firms said on Tuesday.

Boom has received its second confirmed order in the last two years, following the completion of its first commercial aircraft. 

United Airlines committed to purchasing 15 planes last year.

According to Boom CEO Blake Scholl, "Passengers demand quicker, more convenient, and more sustainable travels, and that's what Overture has to offer." 

"Flight times can be less than half of what we have now, which works brilliantly in networks like American ones where we can go from Miami to London in under five hours."

According to Bohm, the Overture will travel at 1.7 Mach, or 1,304 mph, significantly lowering transatlantic and trans-Pacific flight periods. 

According to Bohm, a trip from Seattle to Tokyo, which typically takes just over 10 hours, may be done in six hours in the future.

In a statement announcing the request, US Chief Financial Officer Derek Kerr stated, 

"Supersonic travel will be a key aspect of our capacity to offer services to our consumers." Boom receives an unknown sum as a non-refundable deposit from the American.

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