Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews

Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews | The Ultimate Guide

Considering attending an interview for a technical or software position? Consult the advice and tools included in the Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews to aid in your preparation.

The technical interview is unlike any other job interview since it is a rigorous, specialized procedure that evaluates your personality, problem-solving capabilities, and coding skills.

Even while a tech interview can be frightening (with whiteboard tasks, remote coding challenges, and perhaps even whole days of onsite interviews), it goes much more smoothly if you are prepared for it and have put some effort into your preparation.

I decided to make an epic, all-inclusive guide on preparing for technical interviews and coding interviews for tech beginners because of this.

Even if it’s your first technical interview, the guide will teach you how to ace it!

We’ll start by discussing what goes on during a technical interview. Then, we’ll discuss what to expect during a technical interview at each level of the selection process and how to make an impression.

What Is a Technical Interview?

Unlike specific sorts of interviews, tech interviews incorporate traumatic conditions and assignments. They’re more like an exam than a normal question-and-answer interview.

Like the phrase “Show, don’t tell,” you want to reveal that you have the talents required to do the venture, in desire to genuinely tell the interviewer that you have them.

Contrary to well-known belief, the reason of the technical interview is not to trick you with riddles, thoughts teasers, or now no longer feasible questions. Instead, it’s to see the manner you cope with real-international problems–similar to those you might be going via as quickly as you have were given the venture!

During the technical interview, the interviewer will take a look at your technical understanding, talents and capabilities as they relate to the goals of the appropriate venture you are utilising to. In addition to assessing your technical understanding and talents, the interviewer also can be looking for what your perception method is while solving problems and the manner you can healthful into the enterprise’s culture.

Interview Formats

What, exactly, is a software program software or technical interview? Depending on the field and the position, the ones interviews might also require you to

  • Create a PowerPoint presentation on a tech topic
  • Write code in real-time and/or do an on-the-spot coding test
  • Compete a technical problem in a fixed and present to a panel
  • Work out a tech problem on a whiteboard withinside the the front of a fixed

How to Prepare


In addition to more traditional behavioral questions, a technical interview will cover your understanding of laptop technological understanding. Depending on the venture , this can be coding, statistics structures, algorithms, systems design, big O notation, etc. Refer for your coursework to refresh your memory on the fundamentals.


First, if the recruiter has sent you cloth on making geared up for the interview, ensure to look at it closely. Also, test to see if the enterprise has interview prep facts on its website. If you are not sure of the format, ask the recruiter.

Questions will focus on the sorts of talents you’ll be using on the venture. They can range from the center fundamentals to higher-degree principles.

Many technical questions are based totally completely for your very very own experience. Did you create a pastime for a class mission and positioned it for your resume? Be geared up to talk about your technical tasks, traumatic conditions, and contributions.

Although some businesses are really removing them from their interview method, you will probably accumulate a brainteaser during technical interviews. These questions take a look at your problem-solving capabilities, comfort with ambiguity, and quantitative talents. Share your perception method and problem-solving technique out loud, and try to experience the mission.


Most interviewers want to hear how you approached a problem and how you came to your conclusions. This provides them a better understanding of your character, capacity for problem-solving, and temperament. You can try accomplishing this in a variety of ways:

  • Ask a friend with technical experience to conduct your fictitious interview. It’s a terrific method to get ready and gain confidence to practise and explain things aloud.
  • Participate in hackathons and competitive programming, and contribute to open-source projects.
  • Any technological work that you put on your CV should be fully explained.

How Long Do I Need?

If given a choice, I’d obviously advocate long-term technical preparation— the longer the better. As a famous recommendation, greater or much less 2-3 months to get really prepared. This lets you get in spherical 60-120 challenges, and twenty traumatic conditions, which seems to be the amount you need to do to assemble the algorithmic intuition.

This obviously depends on previous employment history, competence with computer science concepts, and closeness to the actual interviews.

A recent bootcamp graduate who has never used data structures or algorithms may need three to six months to become fully operational. On the other hand, it can take a low-level Engineer 1-2 weeks.

Could you skip a whiteboard technical interview from absolute scratch with a month’s prep? Depends on you, but it’s miles in reality doable– genuinely ensure you’re utilising the 80/20 principle and hitting the essential themes.

If there’s first-class a month left, the recommendation can be to do 1-2 problems a day the right way, and probably embody some slight reading. We’ll get to that in a manner to observe man or woman coding problems.

Common technical interview mistakes to avoid

Knowing what now not to do can be genuinely as critical as information what to do, so let’s rapid cover a few now no longer unusual place technical interview mistakes.

1. Not making geared up enough

Seriously, there’s no such factor as too much coding interview preparation. “The pinnacle statistics is, most candidates don’t established that time. So it doesn’t take lots to simply pull earlier of the pack,” says Parker (Interview Cake). “It’s any such bummer as an interviewer to examine a candidate simply get up short and genuinely think to yourself, ‘I can tell you’re smart–if you had genuinely reviewed some of those objects I’m sure you’d be able to get this.’”

2. Jumping into the code without taking a 2d to think it via

You might be eager to start solving the problem, but take a few minutes to question your assumptions and make a pastime plan first! “Starting too rapid gets quite a few people into problem while they could have taken a moment to prevent confusion down the road  “Some of the most now no longer unusual place mistakes candidates make are avoidable. Pause for a bit to think via the problem-solving method.”

3. Being too arrogant or opinionated

People may want to instead artwork with a humble individual than an arrogant know-it-all. Especially for humans with fewer years of experience, “it’s more critical to come across as being malleable and eager to learn, so the corporation can envision you in an entire lot of tasks and roles,” says Chris of Launch School. “Even seemingly innocent statements like ‘I love X and don’t like Y’ might also come across as ‘I’m restricted in my ability to artwork in a high-quality way.’”

By considering your “soft” interview talents and choosing your terms carefully, you can avoid the ones misunderstandings. As Chris advises, “A candidate ought to be tempered in their desire. For example: ‘I’ve been taking element in X lately, but moreover have experience with Y.’”

4. Not making conversation/chit-chat

Remember, your interviewers are human! It can be particularly precious to find out a thing of connection. “An interview is not quite lots answering questions correctly, but moreover about a conversation,” says Chris. “Ask pinnacle questions. Laugh and make jokes at appropriate junctures. At the forestall of the interview, even if you ignored a few questions, the overall feeling the interviewer has about you need to be high-quality. If you recognize that you are not a incredible conversationalist, make certain to focus on improving this.”

Common technical interview questions

Questions asked during a technical interview can fall into severa instructions including:

  • Behavioral interview questions
  • Situational interview questions
  • Questions about your education
  • Questions about technical understanding and experience

Read on as we communicate why employers ask the ones sorts of questions and what they’ll be looking for with sample answers to questions about technical understanding and experience.

Behavioral interview questions

Technical interviews normally start withinside the equal manner some other interview might: with a chain of trendy and behavioral interview questions supposed to analyze extra approximately who the candidate is and the way they may match in with the tradition of the company.

When answering behavioral interview questions, it’s miles fine to attempt to solve the use of the STAR interview method through genuinely figuring out a Situation, Task, Action and Result of a level if you’ve got this is applicable to the query being requested. Here are some not unusual place behavioral interview questions you may assume in the course of a technical interview:

  • What changed into your unique position and duties at the maximum latest task you labored on?
  • What is the task you’re maximum proud of, and the way did you make contributions to it?
  • Do you opt to paintings by myself or on a crew?

Situational interview questions

After asking some behavioral interview questions, the interviewer may also pass directly to asking some situational interview questions wherein they gift you with a hypothetical state of affairs and ask you ways you will remedy the hassle or reply to the state of affairs. With those questions, the interviewer desires to recognize when you have expected a sure place of business demanding situations which can get up and the way you will reply to them.

You can use the STAR method to reply those questions through figuring out a comparable state of affairs you have encountered withinside the past. Here are some not unusual place situational interview questions you may assume to be requested in the course of your technical interview:

  • What might you do in case you had been requested to carry out a project and were not certain how to finish it?
  • Tell me approximately a time while you went above and past your predicted obligations whilst operating on a task.
  • How might you conquer the project of operating with a tough co-employee on a crew task?

Education interview questions

When an interviewer asks questions on your schooling, they need to recognize approximately the unique technical education and schooling you’ve got and the way it has organized you for the location you’re register to. When answering those questions, ensure you point out any unique certifications, coursework and education you’ve acquired and any instructional accomplishments applicable to the location you’re making use of for. Here are some not unusual place technical interview questions on your schooling:

  • How did your schooling put together you for this job?
  • What technical certifications do you’ve got got?
  • What do you do to live up to date in your technical certifications and knowledge?

Sample technical interview questions and answers

After asking behavioral and situational interview questions and locating out extra approximately your academic background, the interviewer will directly to asking you questions on your technical knowledge, skills and experience.

When answering those questions, it is critical to reveal your capacity to speak technical ideas in an easy-to-recognize way and describe your tasks processes. The unique technical questions you may assume to be requested will range primarily based totally at the technical wishes of the position, however right here are some not ordinary technical interview questions:

  • What coding language are you most comfortable with?
  • What is a SAN, and how is it used?
  • When is it appropriate to denormalize database design?
  • What is the role of continuous integration systems in the automated-build process?

Be prepared to prove your skills

The ability to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities through a series of brainteasers, whiteboard coding challenges, or remote coding assignments is a common component of Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews. It’s vital to be ready for at least one brain teaser question or whiteboard challenge during your first technical interview, even though this phase usually happens during the second or third interview. It’s crucial to keep in mind when answering these questions to describe your thought process and the steps you took to get at your conclusion.

In this article, we have discussed about the Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews. And we hope that all of your doubts regarding the Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews are clear after reading this article.

FAQ’S Of Best Way To Prepare For Technical Interviews

How long does it take to prep for technical interview?

Naturally, if given the option, I’d recommend long-term technical preparation—the longer, the better. It is often advised to give yourself two to three months to become ready. This enables you to participate in roughly 60–120 tasks, which appears to be the number of problems required to develop algorithmic intuition.

What should I expect in a technical interview?

Traditional interview questions, brainteasers, technical competency exams, and problem-solving inquiries can all be included in the interview process. In the technical interview, the interviewer will evaluate your technical expertise, knowledge, and skills in relation to the requirements of the particular position you are seeking for.

How do you answer why should we hire you?

Showcase your knowledge and experience to complete the task and produce excellent results.

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