The 7 Best Short Term Investments For Your Money In 2022

In this blog, we will discuss the 7 best short term investments in detail. 

You’re likely looking for safe places to store cash if you want to invest in short-term funds. Many investors held cash during the crisis due to volatile markets and a slumping economy. Things are still uncertain with surging inflation.

While short-term investments are less risky than long-term investments, they can offer higher returns than those that have better returns. You’ll be able to have cash whenever you need it instead of spending your money on potentially risky investments. Safety is the main thing that investors need to look for in a short term investment.

Before we discuss the top 7 best short term investments, let’s start with the introduction of short term investment.

What Is A Short Term Investment?

You can be making a short-term financial investment because you need the money at a given period. You must have the money ready to go if you are saving for a downpayment on a house or for a wedding. You should not make short-term investments that last less than three years.

Stocks are a good option if you have a longer term horizon, at least three to five year (or longer if you’re lucky). Stocks can offer much higher returns. Stock market returns have been volatile, but they have risen on average 10 percent per year over long periods. The longer time frame allows you to weather the market’s ups and downs.

The 7 Best Short Term Investments

Mentioned below are the 7 best short term investments options for you in 2022:-

High-yield savings accounts

Bank and credit union high-yield savings accounts are an excellent alternative to funds in a checking or savings account. These accounts typically pay very little interest. A savings account will receive interest from the bank on a regular basis.

It’s simple to compare-shop high-yield savings account options.

Short-term corporate bond funds

Corporate bonds are issued by major businesses to finance their investments. These bonds are typically thought to be safe and pay interest on a regular basis (e.g., quarterly or twice per year).

Bond funds are a collection of different corporations’ corporate bonds. They are found in a wide range of industries and sizes. A bad bond won’t effect the overall return because of diversification. The bond fund will pay the interest on a monthly basis.

Money market accounts

Another type of bank deposit is the money market account. They usually pay a higher rate than regular savings accounts but they also require a lower minimum investment.

Cash management accounts

Cash management accounts, similar to Omnibus accounts, allow you to engage in short-term investments. The account can be used to invest, make checks, transfer money, and perform other bank-like functions. Online stock brokers and robo-advisors often offer cash management accounts.

Short-term U.S. government bond funds

Government bonds can be compared to corporate bonds, except they are issued by the U.S. Federal government and its agencies. Government bond funds buy investments like T-bills, T-bonds , T-notes and mortgage backed securities from federal agencies like the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae). These bonds are low-risk.

No-penalty certificates of deposit

You can avoid paying a penalty fee if your CD is cancelled before it matures. CDs can be found at your bank and offer a higher return rate than other bank products like savings accounts or money market accounts.

CDs can be considered time deposits. This implies you’ve agreed to retain the funds in your account for a set amount of time. Depending on the maturity you pick, it might last anywhere from weeks to years. In exchange for the assurance that your money is safe, the bank will offer you greater interest rates.

The bank pays regular interest on the CD. The bank will repay your principle and earned interest at the conclusion of the CD’s term.

A no-penalty CD may be enticing in times of rising interest rates. You can withdraw your money and reinvest it elsewhere for a greater rate of return.

Money market mutual funds

A money market mutual fund is not the same as a money account. Despite the fact that they have the same name, they pose different dangers. Both can be good short-term investments. A money market mutual fund invests short-term securities such as Treasurys and corporate debt as well as bank securities. You will pay an expense ratio from the assets managed to the mutual fund company because it is a mutual fund.

What Makes The Best Short Term Investments?

While there are many characteristics that make good or best short term investments, they all share the following traits:-


Short-term investments that are good for the short term don’t have a lot of volatility, like bonds and stocks. You can rely on the money to be there when you need it. This is often covered by FDIC insurance and a government guarantee.


High liquidity is a favourable short-term investment. This implies you’ll get your money shortly. Certain CDs will notify you when funds are available. You may also redeem the CD at any time, however there may be a penalty unless you select the no-penalty option.

Low transaction costs

A short-term investment is not expensive to make, unlike a house. This is especially true when short-term yields are at historic lows.

These measures guarantee that your funds are secure and accessible when you require them. This is why short-term investments are so popular. While you may earn higher returns on long-term investments, you will have to endure greater volatility in the short-term. You may have to sell your assets in order to get the whole amount of that money.

Last words

We’ve already covered everything you need to know about short-term investments, including the 7 best short term investments. We believe our blog will prove to be very helpful for all readers and will clarify any doubts they may have regarding best short term investments.

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