Athletes from all over the NCAA have signed a letter in support of Lia Thomas.

More than 300 current and past NCAA, Team USA, and international swimmers signed an open letter supporting Lia Thomas, an openly transgender swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team, on Thursday.

Thomas has set numerous records for Penn’s women’s team, prompting debate over whether she should be permitted to compete.

The NCAA has released a new policy that “aligns transgender student-athlete participation in college sports with recent policy modifications from the United States and International Olympic Committees.” As a result, each sport’s governing body will determine eligibility.

The letter, which was addressed to NCAA officials on Thursday, was organised by Athlete Ally, an LGBTQ+ advocacy group.

“We express our support for Lia Thomas, and all transgender collegiate athletes, who deserve to be able to compete in safe and accepting sporting environments,” the letter states, according to Sports Illustrated. “We implore you not to let political pressure jeopardise the safety and well-being of college athletes around the world.”

It is hoped that the NCAA does not adopt USA Swimming’s guideline in the middle of the season.

Thomas will be permitted to compete in her final Ivy League Championships, though further confirmation is needed.

Thomas is currently waiting to discover if she’ll be able to compete in the NCAA Championships in March.

19 thoughts on “Athletes from all over the NCAA have signed a letter in support of Lia Thomas.”

  1. That’s so hard to believe. What about the cisgender girls competing against Lia? Do they not deserve a level playing field? You can look at Lia and see the advantages of a male body. It’s not fair to all the other swimmers and heart breaking for them.

      • There should be a separate category for a transgender community athletes that want to compete so they can compete against each other.

    • So true, this IS heartbreaking for people born as women. People born as men should not be allowed to compete against those born as women.

      • I do not believe that it is fair for Mr. Thomas to decide after 3 years of swimming on the male swim team (and not doing so well), to start taking testosterone suppression treatment to be allowed to swim on the women’s team. His physical size gives him an advantage. Plus he is a man swimming on a woman’s team. It is not right. Definitely not watching this sport any more.

  2. This is NOT a she. He is a man, with all the advantages of a man. One need look no further than his first 3 years. (462nd place) decides he’s a woman and poof he us number 1. Imagine that.
    Any woman that continues to show up to competitions that allow this man to compete is directly responsible for the downfall of their sport.
    I dont imagine there would be much support for Mr Thomas if he was the only one in the pool for the championships.
    The only people that can rectify this complete travesty and insult to women’s collegiate sports are the female athletes that have worked their entire lives to be there. If they don’t step up, they will get EXACTLY what they deserve.

  3. It’s a disgrace to all women competing in sports, from the beginning to the pro professional sportsman it’s a disgrace for a man that’s having mental issues to compete against women. If he wanted to swim so bad why didn’t he compete against the men the guy is like almost 7 ft tall was born a man has the bone structure of a man and is 100% a man just because you grow your hair long you change the tone of your voice and you wear some makeup then you want to call yourself a woman it’s a joke nowadays society thinks that everything is okay like having transgender kids going into different restrooms that’s okay no it’s not okay this country needs to go back 50 years and make sure it will never come to this ever again what this man is doing is very very disrespectful for all women

  4. Why can’t there be a mixed league? Or a trans league. This person couldn’t compete against the men. Average swimmer at best. Then goes and destroys women’s swimming with a mediocre performance and people think this is fair…. Woke is destroying sports. This is very sad for these biological females who can’t compete at the level of a man. This needs to be fixed for both sides. They both have the right to compete, but just like the division of men and women, there should be a trans league.

  5. I do not believe it is fair for a biological man to compete with women. Why can’t they start a trans league? The minute anyone says something about transgender people that the LGBTQ community doesn’t like, they get demonized. Their businesses get ruined. But no one group gets their way all the time. This one should be a solid NO. As a former female athlete, this is wrong. I hope none of the girls show up for this swim meet in PROTEST. He’s just a man trying to dominate a female sport because he can’t win anywhere else. PATHETIC…

  6. I agree Lia definitely has the advantage when compared to female born competitors. Lia’s masculinity is so noticeable the female hormones that Lia’s taking are not transforming the physical stature which gives the advantage. Lia went through puberty to adulthood as a male and until recently identifies as female. Lia competing against female born swimmers is a traversity.

  7. As a man I agree with all the women. The transgender problem is in their heads. Not between thier legs.
    They donot belong competing with females as a he/ she.

  8. He’s setting records no biological female will ever be able to beat.

    He beat an 11 year strong record by 38 seconds.

    He isn’t helping women, he’s a mediocre swimmer stealing all their glory under the banner of inclusivity.

    This is a joke.


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